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A corporate structure is the most advantageous way to start your private business because your center will operate as a separate entity with a Global Registered Brand.
Our experience has taught us that creating a calm and comforting environment for the children is the best way to ensure cooperation during the lice removal process. Therefore we are founding LICE CLINICS PRIME®.

We provide you with a basic package so that you can start in a smooth way.  So you can be sure that you will have everything you need in order to offer our services at the highest quality level.


Does it reach your goals?

  • The quickest and cheapest lice removal
  • A medical certificate for your child’s school at the end of the session (No Nit Policy)
  • 7 days warranty period

A new experience in avant-garde furniture with ergonomic tables and chairs that will surely make the nits elimination process fun, right?

How to recognize the Lice Clinics Prime®?

You’ll find Lice Clinics Prime® marked on the map with the orange “allergy free” symbol. All Prime® clinics have a central HEPA anti-pollution facility that allows the simultaneous use of two Lice Catcher X® devices.


Can lice transmit diseases?

Unlike lice that congregate in other parts of the body, head lice are not a vector for disease transmission. They are relatively innocuous, but they can be quite annoying. The insects are experts in holding on to human hair and feeding themselves with blood from the scalp.

Therefore, we recommend to always use a new disposable for each treatment.

Concept Lice Clinic Prime®

  • Affordable investment 
  • Luxury 2way Lice Catcher X® Installation
  • Top Central Vacuum device for whisper-quiet operation at low power consumptions.(comes with 5 Year guarantee)
  • peacefully eradication treatment concept.
  • Revolutionary device for head lice care (CE)
  • Proven business model
  • Enjoy our professional marketing strategy
  • It is not franchise
  • Ownership structure
  • Professional orientation
  • Patented furniture design by Aeris®
  • 3D clinic style design of your future salon
  • Lice Clinics Prime® have an elegant design developed by qualified architects
  • The configuration of your website
  • Features for sharing information with clients
  • Webshop in the APP  pick it up in store
  • Start-up in four weeks after signing (3Y) contract.
  • Being part of our Corporation requires a minimum annual payment (Royalty)
  • No hidden surprises
  • Made in Europe
  • Lice Catcher X® is a registered Trademark  N°017395187

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