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Our APP is the first mobile application where you can find authorized lice clinics close to your home.

By using the Lice Clinics APP your can find the nearest lice clinic and request for diagnosis or treatment by our professional staff.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find a certified clinic?

In the GOODBYE LICE APP you can find the location and contact details of the nearest certified clinic. In the online store (shop) you can also BOOK AN APPOINTMENT IN ADVANCE for diagnostics and immediate treatment. ( check prices)

We will help you whenever it suits you best!

How does the treatment work?

We divide the hair into sections in order to inspect the entire head.

We carefully remove the lice and the nits using the original vacuum cleaner Lice Catcher X® till your hair is totally clean.

We recommend a weekly check, in some cases with special attention. Ask us!

How many treatments are needed?

The treatment requires about half an hour on average for head lice infestation.

In general two treatments should take place within a week.

What does the logo " Allergy Friendly" mean?

Treatment centers which have invested in an area that has a silent central vacuum without dust, are indicated with the logo “Allergy Friendly”.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes of course. The Operator who applies the treatment in order to ensure proper cleaning, will file a report of the Medical Doctor.

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